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“Customer” means any individual or business                                                   11. All products should be installed in accordance

that purchases the goods or services produced                                                     with an Engineer’s specification and with the

by a business.                                                                                                         applicable SABS standard. West End does not

“West End” means WEST END CEMENT BRICKS                                                     undertake to supply any technical advice, and

(Pty.) Ltd. Registration No. 1999 / 001144 / 07.                                                   should it do so, it does not warrant the correctness

                                                                                                                                thereof. No warranty shall be made by West End

CONDITIONS                                                                                                       regarding the suitability of the product supplied for

1.   West End will not be bound by any terms and                                                 any application whatsoever.

      conditions other than these terms and conditions.                                     12. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the

2.   All orders accepted by West End shall be binding                                             correct product is purchased from West End, in order

      on the Customer and may not be cancelled                                                      to meet the Customer’s requirements.

      without obtaining West End consent in writing.                                          13. The liability of West End in terms of any claim lodged

3.   The ownership of the goods shall remain vested in                                          against West End by the Customer, or any other

      West End until the purchase price is fully paid.                                                 party, shall be limited to the net invoiced value of the

4.   The Customer shall take full responsibility for the                                            product supplied. West End shall not be held liable for

      loading and transportation of the goods purchased                                        for any labour cost incurred.

      from West End when making use of an external                                         14. Unless specifically agreed to by West End in writing,

      carrier (transporter).                                                                                         delivery dates quoted are an estimate and are not

5.   All claims made by the customer must be in                                                      contractual obligations.

      writing addressed to West End within Ten (10)                                           15. The Customer shall take responsibility to check the

      days of the receipt of the goods. Failing to do so,                                           details on the quote as well as the order and notify

      West End shall not recognise any such claim.                                                   West End in writing if there are any mistakes. All

6.   West End shall not take responsibility for                                                         efforts will be made to record the customers

      Efflorescence, which is a characteristic of products                                         instruction accurately.

      with a high cement content.                                                                        16. Where goods are delivered other than West End’s

7.   No claim shall be accepted where there is a variation                                      own transport, the carrier is deemed to be the

      in colour from a sample or marketing material.                                                 Customer’s agent. Any claims for short delivery, non-

      Colour and shades of products may vary.                                                        delivery or damage must be made to the carrier by the

8.   Under no circumstances shall products that have                                            Customer.

      been unpacked or installed be accepted for return                                     17. A signed delivery note shall constitute prima facie proof

      or credit. The transport cost for the returns shall be                                       that the goods have been delivered to and received by the

      for the customer’s account.                                                                              Customer in good condition, whether signed by the Customer,

9.   A Customer claim shall be logged and investigated                                          an employee, an agent or representative of the Customer.

      only if the invoice and delivery note stipulates that                                    18. The Customer hereby indemnifies West End against any

      the product is a A-grade SABS product.                                                            claim which may be made against West End by any other

10. Under no circumstances shall a claim be accepted                                            person in respect of any matter for which the liability of

      if the invoice and delivery note state that the product                                     West End is excluded in terms of the foregoing.

      is a B-grade (Non-SABS) product.