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•   Introduction
•   Product Range
•   Production
•   Board of Directors
•   Quality Standards
•   BEE Compliance
•   Our Transport Division
•   Mission Statement


Our WORLD CLASS 'Cement Paver' plant as well as the latest 'Cement Stock bricks, Hollow Blocks, Maxi and Diamond Maxi
Bricks and Retaining Wall Blocks' Plant are all fully operational, providing you with top quality pavers, bricks and
blocks of note, at competitive prices to the ever demanding construction and development industry, as well as the
private buyer.

Our Product Range

West End Cement Bricks takes pride in being able to offer the best quality products to the market.
Our products are available in a variety of ranges and colours.

Our product range:

*    Paving Bricks    
    (Top feed & Bottom feed)   
    -   Bevel Pavers (50mm)
    -   Roman Cobble Pavers (50mm)
    -   Interlock Pavers (60mm & 80mm)

*    Paving Blocks   
    (Top feed)   
    -  Country Stone Paving  Blocks
        …60mm x 150mm x 150mm (small)
        …60mm x 150mm x 300mm (medium)
        …60mm x 300mm x 300mm (large)

*    Cement Bricks
    -   Stock Bricks
    -   Maxi Bricks
    -   Diamond Maxi Bricks

*    Cement Blocks
    -   Hollow (6") Blocks (Ash and Rockface)
    -   Hollow (8") Blocks (Ash and Concrete)
    -   Retaining Wall Blocks (R12, S12 & V12))

Our Production

Our Cement Paving Plant has the "MOST MODERN TECHNOLOGY" and is one of only 2 (two) in its class in South Africa.

The comprehensive status derived from the manufacturing process, stands at a constant rating of minimum 25MPa up to 40MPa.

With this standard of technology at our disposal, we are able to produce approximately 960,000 pavers per week or
±4 Million pavers per month.

Board & Directors

Owner - HJ du Preez
Managing Director - Pieter Theron

Our Quality Standards

An independent laboratory, concrete proficiency is responsible for the regular sampling and testing of our bricks, blocks and
pavers in accordance to the SANS (SABS) 1058 requirements.  We are proud to announce that our products not only pass the
tests, but outstrip the minimum requirements by some considerable margin.

Our Transport

West End Cement Bricks sells and delivers its products to all corners of South Africa.

With a fleet of 13 trucks your  logistic requirements will be fulfilled with the greatest of ease. West End Cement Bricks
is constantly striving to improve service and delivery to the ever demanding and diverse market.

Our Mission

We take pride in our commitment to provide the highest quality products to the market as well as consistent customer service.

We are passionate about welcoming new challenges,
feedback and growth.  We continuously strive to
improve our level of service to our customers at all times.

We believe that stable infrastructures, motivated and
well trained employees, a highly professional team
of representatives and a strong management
team with the necessary expertise is crucial for a
successful, credible business and to stay ahead
of the market at all times.